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Seeing beyond the bottom line: Breeding a Better Business Through IT Outsourcing


For small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), the benefits of IT outsourcing seem pretty obvious—it is, for the majority, the most practical solution to reducing a company’s expenditure. Wages for in-house IT professionals and the price for running complex computer networks, for instance, when outsourced, can cut a company’s IT cost by 30 to 40 percent.

But apart from cost-effectiveness, it appears that there is more to IT Outsourcing than the bottom line.

An IT manager at BPSource Inc., Alex Sugui, says that IT outsourcing allows companies to tap into exceptional capabilities. He states that when firms outsource, they are actually “opening themselves” to collective skills and accumulative knowledge that can take one’s business forward.

“It’s really about helping them make the right investment. IT outsourcing breeds a better business because it gives them the flexibility and the right resources to innovate and to protect their organizations from risks,” said Sugui, who has been working in the IT sector since 2009.

According to Sugui, the basic challenge most companies face when IT outsourcing is their lack of awareness about their internal challenges. Most firms, he noted, do not understand what drives a good IT system. Thus, this, among many other factors, impede their potential for growth in terms of innovation, efficiency, and security.

He revealed: “IT outsourcing companies are often underestimated because some people think that IT is a lot easier to manage when you setting them in-house. The pace of technology, however, is changing rapidly. Hence, if IT is not your core business, then you probably will be challenged to keep up with the demands of your environment or the regulatory requirements of your industry.”

Of this, Sugui encourages businesses to consider the flexibility and agility of IT providers to access up-to-date technology that can meet the demands and regulatory requirements of their respective sectors. He cited highly regulated businesses such as banks and financial organizations as those who can take advantage of the services of IT offshore companies.

As far as security and sustainability is concerned, he concluded: “Outsourcing your IT is one of the most strategic ways to run your business. More than just a provider, IT professionals can also serve as your personal consultant on your current and future IT requirements. They make uncertainties predictable. Thus, minimizing risks of defects in your system.”

BPSource, Inc. is a professional IT-BPO company serving small to medium sized companies that need IT outsourcing solutions to carry on their business operations in the Philippines.  Follow the company’s Facebook page for more updates in IT and business process outsourcing.


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