Things Most People Get Wrong About Philippine Outsourcing Companies


One of the toughest aspects of business process outsourcing is how other firms perceive outsourcing companies. Despite its success in various fields, the industry’s image and reputation, at large, is blurred with misconceptions and false assumptions, which in turn, hold many others back from maximizing the full potential of their organizations through outsourcing.

To get a better understanding of the industry, we asked our employees the most common misconceptions about Philippine outsourcing companies.


“The assumption that all outsourcing companies in the Philippines work the same. This is not true. While a vast majority of outsourcing companies provide a range of expertise, there will always be a differentiator that separates one from the other. Ours is total customer service.”

-Alex Roy Zamora, Accounts Manager


“That it is the most economical and most efficient way to source talents. It takes a lot of time, effort, and money to secure top talents. Firms, therefore, should never treat outsourcing companies as a last resort for hiring people. Instead they should consider outsourcing as a way to augment or to improve what they already have. Most of the time, they can provide high scale candidates in a short span of time. Targeted selection is the key to finding the right talent and this is what outsourcing companies are known for.”

-Ma. Noelyn comentan, Talent Acquisition Specialist


“I think most people perceive outsourcing companies as just contact centers or call centers or something that provides customer support. The outsourcing industry, in reality, is a multi-dimensional industry full of smart and talented people who are experts in various fields, whether it be IT, medicine or other specializations. You’d be surprised to meet a lot of interesting people in BPO companies.”

-Teejay Tarun, Marketing Officer


“Many companies see outsourcing as an automatic go-to-method to reduce cost and to increase efficiency. They seek outsourcing solutions sometimes being unwitting of the fact that some of their problems are actually internally generated. Most outsourcing providers have the capability to provide the support that these companies need, but inevitably, outsourcing also has its limits.”

-Doods Sale II, Business Development Associate

Alex S

Service levels are lower when outsourcing your IT. I believe this issue has been bothering a lot of companies over the years. Well, while risks and breaks in security are inevitable, many IT providers are proactive in the way they manage their systems. It is through this that we are able to add more value to the services we are offering.”

-Alexander Sugui, IT Manager


“That you are obliged to outsource all IT-related functions. IT solutions today are a lot more flexible than it was decades ago. Majority of IT outsourcing firms provide individual and bundled services. To cut cost, I believe it really helps to assess what part of your IT processes are weak and need more support from an IT provider.”

-Jonazer Bartolome, Systems Administrator


“A common misconception is that outsourcing companies hamper the professional growth of its employees. Although this may hold true to some, outsourcing is actually a very broad industry where one can expand and explore a new set of knowledge and skills. Tasks become challenging and interesting for as long as you love what you’re doing.”

-Marlette Delfin, Administrative Officer

May Anne

“Bad work culture. BPO companies have been stereotyped for having countless rules and strict regulations. But from what I am seeing, things have changed. A lot of BPO companies are now seen as a fun place for work as outsourcing companies are learning how to handle their employees. Some of these include perks such as recreational areas, gym memberships, and other stress busting activities that can help develop the personal growth of their employees.”

-May Anne A. Parungao, Head of Finance


“Big companies benefit more than startups. This, I believe, is one of the most common misconceptions when it comes to outsourcing. In truth, it really depends since every investment carries a certain amount of risks. These risks, however, can be minimized as long as the investor, no matter how big or small his organization is, understands the crucial factors affecting his business when outsourcing.”

-Jaya Keith Dela Cruz, Finance Assistant


“The risks are uncontrollable. Contrary to popular belief, outsourcing does the opposite—it eliminates risks. Most companies outsource as a way to eliminate many types of risks such as economic and technological risks. Furthermore, it also helps organizations focus more on their core competencies.”

-Maureen Dy, Accounting Officer


“That they have a limited understanding of their client’s businesses. Some outsourcing companies spend millions on market research to understand the core functions of other companies. Why? Because they want to maintain good relationships with them. Outsourcing companies are highly focused in what they do to consistently deliver quality service.”

-Jeffry Depdepen, Accounting Assistant



High attrition rate. It is no secret that business process outsourcing companies have had high attrition rate as soon as the sector began to boom in the Philippines. But the climate is changing. Staff turnover rate has steadily fallen as more BPO firms are competitively budgeting the salaries of their employees. This, coupled with various programs and benefits, have minimized attrition rates throughout the country.”

-Kristine Anne De Villa, Human Resources Generalist


“Lack of managerial control. Outsourcing companies, particularly in the field of IT, are pretty much customizable. Our clients are given the freedom to choose the manner in which our services are carried out. At the end of the day, our main goal is to support them, and not to overpower them in their own organization.”

-Juztin Marcos, Business & Service Improvement Analyst

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