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A Valuable Talent in the Eyes of a Recruiter

20160804_164946With a warm cup of coffee sitting on her table, Noelyn Comentan or “Noey,” as friends and colleagues call her, usually starts her day sorting out names in her file sheet. Juggling through texts, calls, e-mails, and meetings, she marks each candidate, who she deems, has the experience, skills, and personality for the job.

“It’s more of a gut feel,” shared Noey, who works as a senior talent acquisition specialist at BPSource, Inc., an IT Outsourcing company in the Philippines.

She added: “Well, honestly, I only use basic sourcing tools like online portals, job postings, paid ads, and of course social media sites. I check their work experience and match them with the requirements of the client.”

Noey, who has been working as a recruiter since 2007, deals with hundreds of candidates every week, which she then endorses to a broad range of clients who are looking to outsource top-notch IT professionals, including project managers, software testers, and quality assurance analyst, among many others.

“As a recruiter, you need to keep your eyes open to different channels. You can find them anywhere… on Facebook, LinkeIn, and even forum sites,” she explained. Valuable talents, she emphasized, however, are unveiled during interviews.

Noey said: “The fun is side is you get to meet different kinds of people. Some are pleasant, some might be rude, but in the end you learn a thing or two from each of them. You get to learn more about their personalities, and in the process, match them with the culture of the hiring company.”

When a recruiter calls a candidate for interview, it is always important that he or she knows what to expect and how to prepare for the meeting. Most recruiters, she revealed, have their own strategies when choosing the right candidate for endorsement.

That said, she shares the following tips when interviewed by a recruiter:

Be confident. Always remember that an invitation for interview is your golden ticket to landing a job. We, as recruiters, have given you that “golden ticket” because we believe you. Hence, when meeting you in person, we are expecting you to be confident about your talents and skills. Body language is important. Keep a steady, natural eye contact, and of course, mind your posture. Your body language shapes who you are as a person.

Give clear and concise answers. While it is essential to be friendly and personable, candidates must mind how they deliver their messages. Be clear, concise, and direct with your message. We are interviewing you to re-affirm your competencies as a professional.

Dress to impress. Looking good helps you feel better about yourself. It adds up to your confidence and builds up your whole package. Dress for the occasion and let your personality shine through what you wear. 

 An IT-Outsourcing company in the Philippines, BPSource, Inc.  has a systematic and in-depth understanding of industries and functional roles. Headed by a team of recruitment specialists, the firm helps various organizations source the best talents in IT. Follow the company on Twitter for more tips on outsourcing.

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