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Strategic Outsourcing: Refining Processes through IT-BPO Integration

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The integration of information technology (IT) and business process outsourcing (BPO) has enabled many companies to improve their business practices. From top-notch customer service to high-end IT solutions, the traditional mode of outsourcing has shifted dramatically—incorporating different types of IT and BPO-related services to company’s business model.

According to a study, 34 percent of U.S. companies have switched to outsourcing to obtain access to IT resources that are unavailable within their organization. As a result, companies that offer outsourcing services have doubled their efforts to provide their clients the tools to better refine their processes and continuously increase their effectiveness and efficiency.

“IT-enabled services are bringing about a new wave of change in BPO. Technologies such as cloud computing and software development, to name a few, are empowering companies to further refine parts of their operations, which helps them become more effective and efficient in the delivery of their products and services,” said Joselyn T. Capistrano, founder and CEO of BPSource, Inc., a top-rated IT and Business Process Outsourcing company in the Philippines.

According to Capistrano, a project management and process improvement expert who has helped multinational companies such as Citibank and Accenture, many large organizations are heavily invested into outsourcing their IT and business processes as it provides them flexibility as they mature.

Apart from flexibility, the integration of IT and BPO is also said to benefit companies by reducing the total cost of their outsourcing expense for up to 15 percent. A report from Interglobe Technologies states that, as a “scalable solution,” integration between IT and BPO Services can also reduce a company’s operating risks, enhance a company’s knowledge management, and improve its standardized operations.

Adding Quality to the Traditional BPO Framework

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Integrating IT into BPO also adds quality to a BPO’s overall business framework. IT, from a BPO provider’s perspective, has a great impact in terms of service quality, which allows them to deliver a more uniform standardized process execution for their clients throughout all parts of their organizations.

“The integration of IT and BPO enables corporations to innovate. Instead of focusing in just one aspect of their business processes, say, customer service and technical support, outsourcing multiple IT-enabled services and integrating them into one function drive higher business outcomes. Adopting an integrated outsourcing service from an IT-BPO provider can minimize risks and defects in an organization’s system,” she explained.

While IT-BPO integration offers promising results, Capistrano, however, clarified that companies should also focus on governance to fully realize the potential of the IT-BPO services they are outsourcing. Long-term success, she said, will always depend on governance and how companies handle their relationships with their chosen IT-BPO providers.

A thought leader in IT and Business Process Outsourcing in the Philippines, BPSource, Inc. provides an integrated, end-to-end solution that promote innovation in organizations. Follow the company’s Facebook page.

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