Going ‘Social’: Strategies for Sourcing the Best Talents for your Startup Company

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Hiring the right people can move a business forward. While there is an abundance of talents in the market, mistakes during recruitment can be very costly—especially for startups who are relying on the best people to help them run and grow their companies in the best way possible.

Of this, firms are engaging more actively in various social media platforms for sourcing the most valuable hires, particularly for highly specialized skill sets. According to a Global Recruiting Survey, social media remains the most successful medium for driving people who are ultimately hired or placed.

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So, how exactly can startups effectively source the best talents through Social media?  Below are some strategies:


Choose the right platform. Social networking sites play a major role for implementing an effective recruitment strategy. Today, 97 percent of recruiters are using LinkedIn to search for talents online. Other popular social media sites for talent acquisition include Twitter (37 percent) and Facebook (35 percent). The effectiveness of these social networking sites, however, depends on the intent of the recruiter. If you are gearing towards professional users, for instance, LinkedIn is the best choice.

Use Messaging Apps. Another emerging trend are instant messaging apps such as Skype, Viber, and Snapchat. A survey suggests that that 65 percent of recruiters use messaging apps in their recruitment process to better contact and engage with candidates.

Explore the Blogosphere. Blogs are one of the best places to look at online portfolios. People these days are producing massive amount of content via their personal and professional blogs, where they can showcase their skills.

Being on social media is a necessity. Incorporating these strategies are the greatest and most inexpensive ways to get new talents join your company. Give it a shot!

BPSource, Inc., an emerging IT-Business Process (BPO) in the Philippines, has a systematic and in-depth understanding of industries and functional roles that allows companies to strategically source candidates for their organization. Follow us on Twitter for more tips on hiring the best employees.


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